Thursday, March 12, 2015

If Russia is trying to expand their empire, they are failing miserably.

See the little circle in the upper left hand corner? 

Do you see the little bit of yellow in that circle? 

That is East Ukraine, where the US and Ukraine claims that Russia has been attacking to expand their empire. 

For one year. 


Dutch Paper: "In Crimea, Life Is Good."

12.03. New Article in Netherlands: "In Crimea, life is good!" 
Dutch Journalist from Newspaper "AD" visited the Crimea and 
to his surprise he found out that a year after the "annexation" 
the Crimeans are very pleased to be a part of Russia. 
And the author has communicated not only with local, not
finding one person who disappointed reunification with Russia,
but also with Dutch businessmen residing in Sevastopol. He
complains of only one thing: a war of sanctions that hurt the
personally business there. In this case, the Dutchman said he
did not know one of his friends there, who would not be happy
with the "annexation". In addition (absolutely the last nail in the
European templates!), Sevastopol Dutchman says that due to
the sanctions hit by the Dutch, in the Crimea they now selling 
Argentine meat and he has the ability to have a delicious 
steak, which was not there before

Monday, March 9, 2015

Nazi Flags With the Ukrainian Army

There are an increasing amount of Nazi flags and Nazi-ism connected to the Ukrainian Army. People keep saying it's Opelchenzi(separatists)that are Nazis and I thought it would be good to have them connected all in one place so that people could see that this is pretty widespread. I keep running across these photos all the time. I will post more when I find them.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Something Mysterious in Debaltsevskogo

The latest from Ukraine: In Debaltsevskogo, which is the middle of the ever tightening circle that Opelchenzi has around the Ukraine Army there is something that the Ukrainian Army, and apparently US and French Presidents don't want Opelchenzi to see, which is possibly why the sudden interest the world has in stopping this war. This week, Kerry, Hollande and Merkel visited Ukraine trying urgently to stop the war, suddenly concerned about the innocent civilians in the region which we have been reporting to you has been a huge concern for us for all the time they've been there. Below follows an awkward translation of the news text and below that follows the original Russian text: Note from Constantine Karamazov. "What's hidden in Debaltseve? In recent days the information field around surrounded by a group Debaltseve Ukrainian punitive strained to the limit. The so-called Western world community suddenly remembered that in the Donbass live peaceful people, which for almost a year official Ukraine destroys all kinds of heavy weapons. The result so suddenly erupted common sense was the call for an immediate ceasefire and a truce - but now attention - for three days and only in the area Debaltsevskogo boiler! Proposals for a cease-fire began to arrive on the rise, the first came from Major General APU Rozmaznina, then the same statement in the name of their leader made the OSCE, after it called for a truce Representative for International Policy Mogerini, completed so striking unanimous impulse Secretary General UN. It is strange that all these persons, the whole year closing their eyes to the brutality and lawlessness that doeth the Ukraine after the incident in February 2014 coup, suddenly preoccupied by the fate of civilians in the area is Debaltsevskogo boiler and only for three days. But that's not all. In Kiev the head of the US State Department arrived Kerry, German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande. Then Merkel and Hollande fly to Moscow. It is noteworthy that Kerry, who oversees the Middle East, suddenly intervenes in the jurisdiction of the US Vice-President Biden, who is the real master of Ukraine. In the war waged by Ukraine against its own people in the Donbass, the city served as a cumulative basis Debaltseve ammunition and weapons APU. Suffice it to recall what the rich booty gets militia DNR and LC in the liberated towns around the boiler to imagine how enormous military supplies in the city. But it is unlikely it caused only a well-camouflaged panic in the EU and the US. The true cause of the ensuing fuss around the western Ukraine is something that is in the Debaltseve and under no circumstances be allowed to fall into the hands of the militia. That hide from the world, we can only speculate. Perhaps this experimental weapons or chemical warfare agents (because Kerry came not in vain!), Mass graves or something terrible. " ___________________ Заметка от Константина Карамазова. "Что прячут в Дебальцево? В течение последних дней информационное поле вокруг окруженной в Дебальцево группировки украинских карателей накалилось до предела. Так называемое западное мировое сообщество вдруг вспомнило, что в Донбассе живут мирные люди, которых почти год официальная Украина уничтожает из всевозможного тяжелого вооружения. Результатом так неожиданно прорезавшегося здравого смысла стал призыв немедленно прекратить огонь и заключить перемирие – а теперь внимание – на три дня и только в районе Дебальцевского котла! Предложения о прекращении огня стали поступать по нарастающей, первое пришло от генерал-майора ВСУ Розмазнина, затем то же самое заявление в лице своего руководителя сделала ОБСЕ, вслед за ней к перемирию призвала представитель ЕС по международной политике Могерини, завершил столь поразительный единодушный порыв генеральный секретарь ООН. Странно, что все эти лица, целый год закрывающие глаза на зверства и беззаконие, творящиеся на Украине после произошедшего в феврале 2014 года государственного переворота, вдруг озаботились судьбой мирных жителей именно в районе Дебальцевского котла и только на три дня. Но и это не все. В Киев прилетели глава Госдепартамента США Керри, канцлер ФРГ Меркель и президент Франции Олланд. А затем Меркель и Олланд летят в Москву. Примечательно, что Керри, курирующий Ближний Восток, вдруг вмешивается в юрисдикцию вице-президента США Байдена, являющегося реальным хозяином Украины. В войне, ведущейся Украиной против собственного народа в Донбассе, город Дебальцево служил накопительной базой амуниции и вооружения ВСУ. Достаточно вспомнить, какие богатые трофеи достаются ополчению ДНР и ЛНР в освобожденных вокруг котла населенных пунктах, чтобы представить, насколько колоссальны военные запасы в самом городе. Но вряд ли только это вызвало хорошо закамуфлированную панику в ЕС и США. Истинной причиной развернувшейся западной возни вокруг Украины является что-то, что находится в самом Дебальцево и ни при каких обстоятельствах не должно попасть в руки ополчению. Что скрывают от мира, можно только предполагать. Возможно, это экспериментальное вооружение или боевые отравляющие вещества (ведь Керри не зря приехал!), массовые захоронения или еще что пострашнее."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nicloais Azarov, First Prime Minister Speaking Out Against Ukrainian Government

Russian Language Video:

Nicolais Azarov was the first Prime Minister of Ukraine and he held office until Yanukovich was taken out of power. He is writing a book about the current situation in Ukraine. Azarov stayed until Yankukovich escaped Ukraine.

In this video he states that they were trying to do the best for the Ukrainian people, they had just raised social security payments, they were trying to raise the value of the Grivna and value of the people's lives. Azarov wanted to build better economic ties with the EU. They were not up to the level of joining the EU, but they aspired to become that. 'My soul is clean because I don't have the blood of Ukrainian citizens on my hands,' Azarov says. His heart is crying for everything that is going on in his country.

 He stated that Julia Temoshenko was the Leader of the one of the political parties in Ukraine. In 2004 she wanted the Ukraine government to be at war with her citizens, and she was in prison for 2 years while Yanukovich was in power. Temoshenko was put there because she raised prices on gas and was skimming of the top for herself. They called her 'Princess of Gas'. Poroshenko released her from prison when he came into power. She is now serving in Parliament and trying to get more power.

 These are the kind of characters Poro is associated with. Azarov states that the government that they have now is an 'anti government', not of the people or by or for the people.

Obama Choosing Sanctions Against Russia, Instead of Weapons For Ukraine

Obama announced today that the US will not assist Ukraine any further with weapons or money. 
There are two reasons for this:

 1)Obama is choosing instead to focus on sanctions against Russia rather than military help for Ukraine. Ukraine was never the focus of the US, it was always a stepping stone to get to Russia. 

2)Intelligence reports back to Obama confirm that the weapons are ending up in the hands of Opelchenzi Army.

We agree with this. The young men, ages 15-21 that Ukraine is putting into service are not being given any training and it is very easy for Opelchenzi to acquire tanks, guns, etc this way.

 I guarantee you that if Russia was involved in this conflict it would all be over in 45 minutes or sooner. There is no way this inept Ukrainian Army could stand to such a power.

The People In Ukraine Are Rising Up Against Kiev

Here are two videos showing two protests in the last 24 hours.

 These people are not protesting against Russia, they are protesting against the war and against Poroshenko, calling for his impeachment.

 Mothers asking for the 6000 soldiers that are being surrounded by Opelchenzi Army to come home:

These people do not curse Russia, they curse Ukraine government and the US for its assistance.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Russian Language Video-Opolchenzi Army shoots missile down Russian language video...

Opelchenzi army shot down this rocket last night en route to Lugansk. They saved many lives. Missile was headed toward civilian population at night. It is illegal in war to used phosphorous bombs near civilian populations.

 Ukraine army fired this, Opelchenzi soldier said he is posting this to show truth to the world.

Update: Ukraine Army in Severodonetsk Tonight and Right Now

Letter I sent to friends to update them on the situation, This is a bit long. The first few paragraphs detail what is affecting Oksana and her family directly and prayer request. The rest is indirect. To update you, please pray for an end to war in Ukraine, and end to war everywhere and an end to the greed that propels it. Oksana fasted last week and we started hearing news that Opelchenzi(referred to in the media as 'separatists' and 'terrorists') is pushing back the Ukraine Army. The Ukraine Army is now tonight in Severodonetsk. This is the hometown of Oksana's family. The fighting has been relatively minimal because of the fibreglass factory in Severodonetsk that Oksana's parents retired from. Bombing of that plant would be worse than Chernobyl and loss of income for that region. Though her parents are here, her sister and nephew are still there. They will not leave, Oksana offered to send her sister money so she can resign and move but she will not. I know the media is telling you that the Ukraine Army is fighting Russians, but the Ukraine Army has left a trail of targeted civilian deaths throughout Ukraine and the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics. I have video that shows this, but these are not pretty to look at. This is not media information, this is on the ground news. Oksana and her family are very concerned, even from the safety of the US. Oksana's family are considered 'separatists' and 'terrorists', they live in Ukraine and speak Russian, which Poroshenko made illegal, so they are targets. Even as the Opelchenzi Defenders have most of the Ukrainian Army surrounded, the remaining troops are just bombing random civilian targets, over the last 2 days they have rained destruction on Donetsk, fighting no army whatsoever. Lots of good things are happening...the Opelchenzi Defenders are pushing back the Ukrainian Army. What they have been doing is anytime they get cornered they start bombing civilian targets and blaming it on Russia. The defenders have been very tolerant but in the last two weeks they have gotten very serious about running them out of Donestk and Lugansk Republics, and successfully. They are pushing them back, way back. Once they get them past the Ukrainian border of Donetsk and Lugansk Repubic the war will end. If the Russians were interested in Cold War expansionism and were helping the defenders then this is where they would go to Kiev and WW III would start. No one except for the Ukrainians seem to want this. This weekend, Poroshenko called Lugansk and Donetsk to talk in Minsk. Representatives were hoping that Poro was giving up, but instead he didn't show up and sent the President previous, previous Ukrainian President who gave word that Opelchenzi were terrorists and that Kiev would never recognize them. The Lugansk and Donetsk reps said if the Ukraine Army will leave their republics the fighting will be over. Ukrainian soldiers recently captured a Ukrainian Army post and found maps with civilian targets. They captured Ukrainian Army tanks with these words on the tanks, in English: "I destroy your dreams, I destroy your mind I destroy your soul and then I will take your life." fast forward to 2:06 to see American words on Ukrainian tanks. One of the top Ukrainian Army leaders admits that there no Russian troops fighting against Ukraine: This is a huge deal because this is why the US is so interested in helping Ukraine. Lots of infighting within the Ukrainian Army-Ukrainian Army promised money and benefits to Neo Nazis living in Ukraine. Ukraine has not been paying them or anyone in the army and Neo Nazis are very angry and protesting. Whenever Ukraine army gets back into a corner the officers are running away. But before they run away, they will ask the Ukraine soldiers if any want to surrender. If any volunteer, they step forward and the army shoots them. Ukraine Army has been recruiting young men and without training put them right in harm's way. The Opelchenzi Army took Donetsk Airport, but the Ukrainian Army kept sending young men over there, to be shot by Opelchenzi. Opelchenzi has captured many soldiers in the last 2 weeks, all of them were told they were fighting Russians and terrorists. The captured soldiers said they never saw any. They are being held and are required to rebuild the Donetsk and Lugansk cities they have bombed. The defenders will be successful, if the US will not send any more weapons or money to Ukraine, and officially they have not, but the defenders found many American weapons in the rubble of the latest Donetsk Airport bombing. Congress a few months ago gave Obama power to do this, but he has not done this yet. We are praying he won't. This is the single biggest issue facing Oksana and her family.

Video of Ukrainian Soldier-"No Russians Are Fighting Against Us"

The Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muzhenko, is saying, in that news-report, which is dated on Thursday January 29th, that the only Russian citizens who are fighting in the contested region, are residents in that region, or of Ukraine, and also some Russian citizens (and this does not deny that perhaps some of other countries’ citizens are fighting there, inasmuch as American mercenaries have already been noted to have been participating on the Ukrainian Government’s side), who “are members of illegal armed groups,” meaning fighters who are not paid by any government, but instead are just “individual citizens” (as opposed to foreign-government-paid ones). General Muzhenko also says, emphatically, that the “Ukrainian army is not fighting with the regular units of the Russian army.” In other words: He is explicitly and clearly denying the very basis for the EU’s sanctions against Russia, and for the U.S.’s sanctions against Russia: all of the sanctions against Russia are based on the falsehood that Ukraine is fighting against “the regular units of the Russian army” — i.e., against the Russian-Government-controlled-and-trained fighting forces.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

War Is Nearlng End

Lately, the Ukrainian Army has been getting beat to kingdom come, so today, Poroshenko sent the past past President of Ukraine to meet with Donetsk representatives.

He told them that the Donetsk reps were terrorists and Ukraine won't stop. Donetsk says if Ukraine Army will leave the Donbass Region, which is Donetsk Republic then the Donetsk Army will leave. The past past President of Donbass said he didn't have any authority to approve that, so the fighting continues.

Unfortunately, the Ukraine Army seems to be killing itself. They are killing fellow soldiers that want to surrender, and they are killing the NeoNazis who have been helping the Ukrainian Army. The NeoNazis have been discontent because Poroshenko has not been paying them. The Ukrainians are only now afraid of them, after all this time.

Not a good idea to make a deal with the devil.

Ukraine Army is only going as far as the Donetsk/Ukraine border. Any further and it would probably be WWIII...

Porshenko is severely weakened at this point and it is probably a matter of time before he is out of office.

We heard word yesterday that Obama has withdrawn military and financial support. I am still looking to find some verification of that. My sense is that the US is going to start distancing itself from this conflict, and that the sanctions are going to end up hurting to many American allies to continue.

As in the French/Russian boat deal....

Friday, January 30, 2015

Novorussian Army Finds Irrefutable Proof of Ukrainian Army Targeting Civilian Posts in Ukraine

Novorussian soldiers destroy Ukrainian American post in Ukraine outside of Gorlovka.

They find maps with civilian targets..irrefutable proof that the Ukrainian Army is intentionally bombing civilian targets. 

The novorussians are not getting tanks from Russia, they are getting them from captured Ukrainian American posts. 

Ukrainian army writes on these tanks in English "I destroy your dreams, I destroy your mind I destroy you soul and then I will take your life."

Call your Congressman and demand that US pull support from these crimes of war and against humanity. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Talking to Arkansas Senator John Boozman About Ukraine

We called John Bozeman's office today, Arakansas Senator, and spoke to one of his aides, Chris.

So you know how we feel about the Ukraine situation, and you probably can guess how Chris feels about it, too. Still I will share a little of the conversation.

Chris states that he has satellite images of tanks going into Ukraine from Russia. We don't entirely doubt this...the Ukraine military is killing Donetsk citizens and it would be inhumane for Russia to do nothing to help protect defenseless citizens. Does that make Russia a Cold War expansionist? Not really.

Chris also stated that the reason why the United States is in Ukraine is because Ukraine asked them to. Does the US have to get involved in every country that asks them to get involved? Some countries don't ask and we are still there. I say we can't afford it.

What about the legitimacy of the Donetsk Republic? The US doesn't recognize that country, because the government hasn't gone through the proper steps to become a country. It turns out that anytime someone has tried to approach anyone to accomplish this, the Ukraine army shows up with guns so that's kind of disheartening I suppose.

When asked about the reason why the US supports Ukraine when this country is fighting innocent civilians he said I would have to contact a lawyer and press charges. I told him that I would hope that the US has a way for changing course if that happens. The basic answer for that comes from intelligence sources the US has is giving different information.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian army is staged in Severodonetsk, which is where they stage their attacks from. Oksana's family lives there, and there is no one there but Ukrainians, no Russians.

So they dug their heels in the ground, we got to practice a dose of 21st century democracy and have our day with our representative.

On to the next thing....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Donbas Citizens from Donetsk Republic in Ukraine

Listen to Donbas residents who know that it's not the Russians bombing them. They also know that the US is helping the Ukraine military do this. Contains language typical of people mad about bombs killing their neighbors, children.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

English Subtitiles: Zakharchenko interviews captive UAF soldiers on his presser 20/1/15

VIDEO: Captured Ukrainian soldier states that he saw no Russians when he was driving tanks in Ukraine, only innocent civilians.

Hard Habit To Break

It is so surprising to me how many people take the word of  the electric box in their home about the Ukrainian situation over people that actually live there!

If Russia was in Ukraine for the last year, interested in expanding their empire, as the media is convinced that they are, where are the cities that they have taken over? They have gained no control over any part of Ukraine.

We have to look at this conflict without the fears from the Cold War era. Russia is a very different country, Putin is a very different leader than Communist Russia.

This week, the Novorussians are driving back the Ukraine military. They are doing an awesome job. In reading mainstream news articles, my prediction is that the US will make an announcement soon to send NATO over there.

UAF attack group taken captive by NAF at the Donetsk airport 20/01/15 UAF attack group taken captive by NAF at the Donetsk airport 20/01/15

Psaki grilled over Ukraine

Watch video here.

If you are living in truth, you will act as if you have nothing to hide.

Bombing In Ukraine

Downtown Mariupol this weekend, near Black Seam.Downtown Mariupol today, near Black Sea.

Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Confronted by Ukrainians,

Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Confronted by Ukrainians. Citizens make Ukrainians soldiers get on their knees and beg for forgiveness. 

If the Ukrainian army were indeed protecting Ukrainian citizens from the Russians then Ukrainians would be forever indebted to them. Instead here they are rebuking the Ukrainian army for bombing their houses. Here they make Ukrainian soldiers get on their knees and beg for forgiveness.

Watch this video, and remember, that the US supports the Ukrainian Army financially and with military supplies and equipment.