Thursday, January 29, 2015

Talking to Arkansas Senator John Boozman About Ukraine

We called John Bozeman's office today, Arakansas Senator, and spoke to one of his aides, Chris.

So you know how we feel about the Ukraine situation, and you probably can guess how Chris feels about it, too. Still I will share a little of the conversation.

Chris states that he has satellite images of tanks going into Ukraine from Russia. We don't entirely doubt this...the Ukraine military is killing Donetsk citizens and it would be inhumane for Russia to do nothing to help protect defenseless citizens. Does that make Russia a Cold War expansionist? Not really.

Chris also stated that the reason why the United States is in Ukraine is because Ukraine asked them to. Does the US have to get involved in every country that asks them to get involved? Some countries don't ask and we are still there. I say we can't afford it.

What about the legitimacy of the Donetsk Republic? The US doesn't recognize that country, because the government hasn't gone through the proper steps to become a country. It turns out that anytime someone has tried to approach anyone to accomplish this, the Ukraine army shows up with guns so that's kind of disheartening I suppose.

When asked about the reason why the US supports Ukraine when this country is fighting innocent civilians he said I would have to contact a lawyer and press charges. I told him that I would hope that the US has a way for changing course if that happens. The basic answer for that comes from intelligence sources the US has is giving different information.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian army is staged in Severodonetsk, which is where they stage their attacks from. Oksana's family lives there, and there is no one there but Ukrainians, no Russians.

So they dug their heels in the ground, we got to practice a dose of 21st century democracy and have our day with our representative.

On to the next thing....

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