Sunday, February 1, 2015

War Is Nearlng End

Lately, the Ukrainian Army has been getting beat to kingdom come, so today, Poroshenko sent the past past President of Ukraine to meet with Donetsk representatives.

He told them that the Donetsk reps were terrorists and Ukraine won't stop. Donetsk says if Ukraine Army will leave the Donbass Region, which is Donetsk Republic then the Donetsk Army will leave. The past past President of Donbass said he didn't have any authority to approve that, so the fighting continues.

Unfortunately, the Ukraine Army seems to be killing itself. They are killing fellow soldiers that want to surrender, and they are killing the NeoNazis who have been helping the Ukrainian Army. The NeoNazis have been discontent because Poroshenko has not been paying them. The Ukrainians are only now afraid of them, after all this time.

Not a good idea to make a deal with the devil.

Ukraine Army is only going as far as the Donetsk/Ukraine border. Any further and it would probably be WWIII...

Porshenko is severely weakened at this point and it is probably a matter of time before he is out of office.

We heard word yesterday that Obama has withdrawn military and financial support. I am still looking to find some verification of that. My sense is that the US is going to start distancing itself from this conflict, and that the sanctions are going to end up hurting to many American allies to continue.

As in the French/Russian boat deal....

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