Monday, February 2, 2015

Update: Ukraine Army in Severodonetsk Tonight and Right Now

Letter I sent to friends to update them on the situation, This is a bit long. The first few paragraphs detail what is affecting Oksana and her family directly and prayer request. The rest is indirect. To update you, please pray for an end to war in Ukraine, and end to war everywhere and an end to the greed that propels it. Oksana fasted last week and we started hearing news that Opelchenzi(referred to in the media as 'separatists' and 'terrorists') is pushing back the Ukraine Army. The Ukraine Army is now tonight in Severodonetsk. This is the hometown of Oksana's family. The fighting has been relatively minimal because of the fibreglass factory in Severodonetsk that Oksana's parents retired from. Bombing of that plant would be worse than Chernobyl and loss of income for that region. Though her parents are here, her sister and nephew are still there. They will not leave, Oksana offered to send her sister money so she can resign and move but she will not. I know the media is telling you that the Ukraine Army is fighting Russians, but the Ukraine Army has left a trail of targeted civilian deaths throughout Ukraine and the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics. I have video that shows this, but these are not pretty to look at. This is not media information, this is on the ground news. Oksana and her family are very concerned, even from the safety of the US. Oksana's family are considered 'separatists' and 'terrorists', they live in Ukraine and speak Russian, which Poroshenko made illegal, so they are targets. Even as the Opelchenzi Defenders have most of the Ukrainian Army surrounded, the remaining troops are just bombing random civilian targets, over the last 2 days they have rained destruction on Donetsk, fighting no army whatsoever. Lots of good things are happening...the Opelchenzi Defenders are pushing back the Ukrainian Army. What they have been doing is anytime they get cornered they start bombing civilian targets and blaming it on Russia. The defenders have been very tolerant but in the last two weeks they have gotten very serious about running them out of Donestk and Lugansk Republics, and successfully. They are pushing them back, way back. Once they get them past the Ukrainian border of Donetsk and Lugansk Repubic the war will end. If the Russians were interested in Cold War expansionism and were helping the defenders then this is where they would go to Kiev and WW III would start. No one except for the Ukrainians seem to want this. This weekend, Poroshenko called Lugansk and Donetsk to talk in Minsk. Representatives were hoping that Poro was giving up, but instead he didn't show up and sent the President previous, previous Ukrainian President who gave word that Opelchenzi were terrorists and that Kiev would never recognize them. The Lugansk and Donetsk reps said if the Ukraine Army will leave their republics the fighting will be over. Ukrainian soldiers recently captured a Ukrainian Army post and found maps with civilian targets. They captured Ukrainian Army tanks with these words on the tanks, in English: "I destroy your dreams, I destroy your mind I destroy your soul and then I will take your life." fast forward to 2:06 to see American words on Ukrainian tanks. One of the top Ukrainian Army leaders admits that there no Russian troops fighting against Ukraine: This is a huge deal because this is why the US is so interested in helping Ukraine. Lots of infighting within the Ukrainian Army-Ukrainian Army promised money and benefits to Neo Nazis living in Ukraine. Ukraine has not been paying them or anyone in the army and Neo Nazis are very angry and protesting. Whenever Ukraine army gets back into a corner the officers are running away. But before they run away, they will ask the Ukraine soldiers if any want to surrender. If any volunteer, they step forward and the army shoots them. Ukraine Army has been recruiting young men and without training put them right in harm's way. The Opelchenzi Army took Donetsk Airport, but the Ukrainian Army kept sending young men over there, to be shot by Opelchenzi. Opelchenzi has captured many soldiers in the last 2 weeks, all of them were told they were fighting Russians and terrorists. The captured soldiers said they never saw any. They are being held and are required to rebuild the Donetsk and Lugansk cities they have bombed. The defenders will be successful, if the US will not send any more weapons or money to Ukraine, and officially they have not, but the defenders found many American weapons in the rubble of the latest Donetsk Airport bombing. Congress a few months ago gave Obama power to do this, but he has not done this yet. We are praying he won't. This is the single biggest issue facing Oksana and her family.

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