Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nicloais Azarov, First Prime Minister Speaking Out Against Ukrainian Government

Russian Language Video:

Nicolais Azarov was the first Prime Minister of Ukraine and he held office until Yanukovich was taken out of power. He is writing a book about the current situation in Ukraine. Azarov stayed until Yankukovich escaped Ukraine.

In this video he states that they were trying to do the best for the Ukrainian people, they had just raised social security payments, they were trying to raise the value of the Grivna and value of the people's lives. Azarov wanted to build better economic ties with the EU. They were not up to the level of joining the EU, but they aspired to become that. 'My soul is clean because I don't have the blood of Ukrainian citizens on my hands,' Azarov says. His heart is crying for everything that is going on in his country.

 He stated that Julia Temoshenko was the Leader of the one of the political parties in Ukraine. In 2004 she wanted the Ukraine government to be at war with her citizens, and she was in prison for 2 years while Yanukovich was in power. Temoshenko was put there because she raised prices on gas and was skimming of the top for herself. They called her 'Princess of Gas'. Poroshenko released her from prison when he came into power. She is now serving in Parliament and trying to get more power.

 These are the kind of characters Poro is associated with. Azarov states that the government that they have now is an 'anti government', not of the people or by or for the people.

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