Thursday, March 12, 2015

If Russia is trying to expand their empire, they are failing miserably.

See the little circle in the upper left hand corner? 

Do you see the little bit of yellow in that circle? 

That is East Ukraine, where the US and Ukraine claims that Russia has been attacking to expand their empire. 

For one year. 


Dutch Paper: "In Crimea, Life Is Good."

12.03. New Article in Netherlands: "In Crimea, life is good!" 
Dutch Journalist from Newspaper "AD" visited the Crimea and 
to his surprise he found out that a year after the "annexation" 
the Crimeans are very pleased to be a part of Russia. 
And the author has communicated not only with local, not
finding one person who disappointed reunification with Russia,
but also with Dutch businessmen residing in Sevastopol. He
complains of only one thing: a war of sanctions that hurt the
personally business there. In this case, the Dutchman said he
did not know one of his friends there, who would not be happy
with the "annexation". In addition (absolutely the last nail in the
European templates!), Sevastopol Dutchman says that due to
the sanctions hit by the Dutch, in the Crimea they now selling 
Argentine meat and he has the ability to have a delicious 
steak, which was not there before

Monday, March 9, 2015

Nazi Flags With the Ukrainian Army

There are an increasing amount of Nazi flags and Nazi-ism connected to the Ukrainian Army. People keep saying it's Opelchenzi(separatists)that are Nazis and I thought it would be good to have them connected all in one place so that people could see that this is pretty widespread. I keep running across these photos all the time. I will post more when I find them.